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Expert Advice

Search for answers before you post.

Search IJAET FAQ section to find answers to your question, your question may have been asked before, so you may be able to solve your problem without even asking!

Choose your title wisely.
Your title should describe the issue you are having and contain details of your problem.

Make sure the question fits on our site.

We cover a lot of topics related to the field  of Engineering and Technology, but there are some  topics that are outside our scope. Take a look at existing questions in FAQ section to get an idea of what we cover.

Provide as much information as possible.

This can include explaining the problem you’re trying to solve, detailing what you’ve tried so far, adding the technology/algorithm you’re using and anything else that gives the Experts an idea of how to approach your problem. Be prepared to give further details as needed in the comments section –  Experts may have follow-up questions for you.

Provide area of your work.
The information provided be useful in directing your problem to  expert of the specific research area.

Don’t expect a quick fix.

Our Experts regularly answer the questions, but there are a lot of questions and discussions going on, and they might not get back to you right away (using the proper tips will help to make sure your question is visible to the right experts). Be patient and respectful of others’ time and expertise, and you’ll eventually get the answer you seek.

Job postings, homework assignments and Advertising-based messages will be deleted.


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